Thailand’s Health Ministry outlines plan to sort out potential Omicron outbreak

Thailand is getting ready for a possible outbreak of the Omicron Covid-19 variant, with plans to revive the home isolation programme. Dr Somsak Akksilp from the Public Health Ministry’s Medical Services Department says house isolation can be used for most contaminated folks, together with community isolation services in Bangkok.
According to a Thai PBS World report, Somsak is confident that home or group isolation will suffice in most cases, citing reports from different nations that the strain is much less life-threatening than the Delta strain. He says in most cases, signs are much like those of an higher respiratory tract an infection and include fever, sore throat, and dry cough. Some patients have skilled mild lung infection but confirmed enchancment after three days of receiving Favipiravir anti-viral treatment. Somsak adds that there are around eleven,000 hospital beds available for sufferers who experience extra severe lung infections.
Officials are expecting circumstances of the highly-contagious Omicron variant to increase, consistent with developments around the globe. However, Dr Kiattibhoom Vongrachit from the Public Health Ministry has urged individuals to not panic. He says the public can trust the Thai healthcare system, given its success at containing the more dangerous Delta variant at a time when just 20% of the county was vaccinated. Kiattibhoom provides that cooperation from the public stays essential when it comes to stopping the unfold of the virus.
At the time of writing, Thailand has 514 confirmed or suspected instances of the Omicron variant, with infections now reported in 14 provinces. Kiattibhoom echoes Somsak’s assertion that the country’s hospitals have sufficient beds to accommodate a mass outbreak and if necessary, the number of beds across the country can be elevated to 200,000, as occurred during the Delta outbreak.
According to ผลไม้อบแห้ง , Kiattibhoom says the Health Ministry has 15 million tablets of Favipiravir in inventory, sufficient for 2 months. Meanwhile, the Government Pharmaceutical Organisation can produce 30 million tablets inside a month.
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